Woodie Landeros

Stopped by analysis paralysis on his creations being visible to the public eye, Woodie will no longer have that blockage interfering with his true passion of being a creator at heart. This blockage of “What If” has caused him to really engulf into a better and smarter human being seeking greatness. The cause and effect bringing him to begin his personal journey to find himself and what makes his creations shine as he has always planned. He wishes with these steps into his journey, he can begin to encourage others to do the same within their own personal lives. When he isn’t working on vlogs, creating podcasts or traveling, he works on self physical improvements. A fun fact: Waking up at 4:00Am everyday to train his professional boxer brother Joseph Landeros would be one example on his determination for self development.

Rebecca Blue Rice

Content creation is brainstormed and executed with Rebecca. Her creative touches brought to the content presented upon this team, is heavily influenced by what is capable of being achieved. She has shown these great characteristics within her obsession with filmmaking and story telling, in which the team has greatly learned from and incorporated growth. This coincides alongside her honest personality profile that any team would benefit from. She also has been running her company Rebecca Blue Media, which focuses on lifestyle videography for couples, brands and online encounters to showcase. When Rebecca isn’t filmmaking, editing or drinking coffee, she is taking care of her two dachshund pups.

Daniel Martinez

Daniel is the individual that brings the graphic design concepts and ideas to life for the team and for the public eye. Working side by side with Woodie Landeros on brainstorming around with multiple company images that are aesthetically pleasing among markets in their same field and many more along the creative spectrum. Daniel has a distinct eye when it comes down to details to catch or look out for when designing pieces. The right eye as many would say. When he isn’t designing, drawing and creating mood boards, he attends Kanye West concerts for the pure company of a creative artist.