Professional Dancers Fail Too | Casey Askew

On this episode of Shut Up and Fail, Casey Askew opens up about what it was like to be a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance and how it's changed his career as a professional dancer. Our host Woodie Landeros goes in-depth with Casey about why he took a break from social media, how comparison can cripple your dance career, and why it's important to expose yourself to a competition studio before pursuing commercial projects.

Shut Up and Fail - #006

Casey Askew, Professional Dancer

Video Timestamps

[00:40] - What it means to be a professional dancer

[01:10] - How Casey Askew books his dance jobs

[01:35] - Casey Askew's dances with SYTYCD and Move Live on Tour

[02:15] - Woodie's experience with ballroom dance

[02:28] - Why Casey loves being a dancer

[03:27] - How Casey was introduced to dance

[03:50] - Why Casey felt like a failure on SYTYCD

[04:27] - The pressure behind each episode of SYTYCD

[05:05] - How the pressure brought contestants together

[05:43] - The difference between commercial and competition dance

[06:25] - Why Casey Askew recommends training at a competition studio first

[07:00] - How Casey handled the stress of So You Think You Can Dance

[07:40] - The importance of having a support system in competitions

[08:32] - How insecurities and comparisons can kill your dance career

[09:22] - Casey's fans brought him out of a spiral of doubt

[09:46] - What Woodie learned from comparing his dancing to Casey Askew's

[10:25] - How to turn crippling comparisons into motivation

[10:55] - Why Casey Askew took a digital hiatus after SYTYCD

[11:35] - The pressure to impress fans led to a confidence breakthrough

[12:25] - What to do when you have the spotlight on you

[12:50] - How Casey Askew felt he let his fans down

[13:25] - The pressure of being the oldest sibling

[14:00] - How misleading social media can be for influencers

[14:40] - Social Media and fake freinds 

[15:40] - What Casey Askew learned from deleting his Instagram

[16:16] - How Woodie keeps a healthy online / real-life balance

[16:55] - Why Woodie's girlfriend doesn't own a phone anymore

[17:20] - Casey's friends' reaction to his online hiatus

[18:20] - Casey reflects on his mentality now after getting back on Social Media

[18:45] - Where Casey travelled after SYTYCD

[19:13] - Why you should travel alone

[19:50] - Casey Askew's advice for dancers just starting out

[22:40] - Casey Askew's advice for Woodie's Journey and Shut Up and Fail

[22:24] - How to follow Casey

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