Music Artists Fail Too | Adrian Gamboa

Music artist, Adrian Gamboa, makes his podcast debut this week and talks about why it's important to never stop searching for success. AG dives into the creative process behind his music, giving us an exclusive look on a few of his favorite projects, songs, and career milestones. Our host, Woodie Landeros, goes back and for with AG on the importance of constantly creating music despite the quality and overcoming negative opinion through mere determination, on this episode of Shut Up and Fail.

Shut Up and Fail - #003

Adrian Gamboa, Music Artist


[0:28] - Who is Adrian Gamboa?

[1:36] - AG's daily grind

[2:42] - Why AG creates his own graphics

The Making Of All Falls Down (Behind The Scenes) - Adrian Gamboa

[5:00] - Being vulnerable when fist starting

[5:27] - You can't be an artist without courage

[6:00] - Adrian Gamboa's process of creating

[6:33] - How to push past creative blocks

[7:19] - Creation of AG's song "Step Back"

[8:08] - How AG and Pre-Workout are similar

[8:28] - Adrian Gamboa's favorite project

[9:37] - Synopsis of AG's music career

[11:04] - First time Adrian realized his artistic potential

[12:08] - Why AG comes to mind when Woodie visits Guitar Center

[12:51] - Adrian Gamboa's biggest failure

[13:45] - Reasons to never stop searching for success

[14:40] - Woodie's final paycheck made him cry

[15:19] - The importance of the journey and not the destination

[15:30] - The evolution of an artist's mentality

[16:10] - Adrian's family/friends' reactions to his music career

[17:00] - AG's advice to music artists just starting out

[17:50] - Adrian's advice for Woodie Landeros 

[18:15] - AG's career summed up into one word

[19:20] - Woodie's career ADD and being confident in the process

[19:54] - How to reach Adrian Gamboa

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