Entrepreneurs Fail Too | Jose Montero

Today's guest Jose Montero, founder and CEO of the Blue Social App, reveals to us why he chose a career as a tech startup and what it means to really run away from your failures. What was once an idea scribbled into a notebook has now turned into Riverside's official social app and has carried Jose and his team of 6 into winning multiple pitch competitions throughout Southern California. Tune in today as Woodie Landeros gets the inside scoop on how Jose Montero is changing the way we use our phones to connect and build friendships, on this episode of Shut Up and Fail.

Shut Up and Fail - #004

Jose Montero, Entrepreneurs


[0:07] - Who is Jose Montero?

[1:13] - Jose's marketing backgorund

[1:32] - Why fitness has become a Jose's lifestyle

[2:06] - Why Woodie wakes up at 3:30am

[3:40] - It's the teamwork that makes the dream work

[4:17] - Pitching your business is tough work

[4:43] - Crippling fear around putting yourself out there

[5:00] - Jose and Woodie's book recomendations

[5:50] - Jose's philosophy about the world being a mirror

[6:49] - Why you are a reflection of your words

[7:45] - Nobody knows what their doing, you're not special

[8:40] - Vision and mission of Blue Social App

[9:40] - Blue Social App's story

[11:27] - Why this idea didn't just stay in a notebook 

[12:30] - What are the chills of assurance?

[12:57] - Jose Montero's WHY

[13:20] - The Blue Social App team

[14:07] - Tech competition wins with Blue Social

[15:00] - Jose Montero's biggest failure

[16:20] - How failure makes people introverted

[17:00] - The many failed businesses of Woodie Landeros

[18:00] - Why Woodie never told his mom about Shut Up and Fail

[18:27] - The importance of showing before telling

[18:43] - How Jose pushes past failure

[19:00] - Jose's monumental breakdown

[20:25] - Why Jose's bathroom mirror is worth millions

[21:00] - The importance of being able to adapt and refocus

[21:45] - Using death at motivation to put in the grind

[22:45] - How Jose and Woodie have similar lives

[24:09] - Jose's advice for Woodie's Journey

[24:56] - Jose's career summed up into one word

[25:00] - How to get ahold of Jose Montero

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