Designers Fail Too | Jessy Ocegeda

Clothing Designer, Jessy Ocegeda, opens up about the perseverance it took to land his celebrity clients Floyd Mayweather and Riff Raff. Our host, Woodie Landeros, takes Jessy Ocegeda back to his early days of creating customs designs and what it was like being told his designs were wrong. Jessy had to battle years of rejection, the curse of a "what if" mentality, and the self realization that he didn't know as much as he thought he did. Lots of highs and lows throughout his career are explained, and the Shut Up and Fail audience gets to hear it first.

Shut Up and Fail - #008

Jessy Ocegeda, Designer


00:39 - Who is Jessy Ocegeda and what is Dark 8 INC.

01:00 - A day in the life of Jesse Ocegeda

01:33 - Jessy's celebrity client list

02:20 - How Dark 8 makes the Riff Raff t-shirt

03:30 - What Jessy is known for in the design world

03:50 - Why custom clothing designs are best

04:40 - The project Jessy is most proud of

05:25 - The start of getting Mayweather as a client

06:26 - Tracking down Floyd Mayweather

07:35 - The serendipitous meeting that changed Jessy's life forever

07:50 - How tight Floyd Mayweather runs his security

08:29 - At last, Mayweather gets the jacket

09:30 - Floyd Mayweather ghosted Jessy Ocegeda

10:25 - Why we get speechless when we meet celebrities

11:34 - The feeling of accomplishing a two-year goal

12:14 - The press made Jessy's accomplishment look bigger than it was

12:54 - How Jessy copes with failures and defeats

13:40 - Why it's suicide to play the "What If" game

14:23 - His friends' reaction to his success

15:00 - Woodie's perspective on the curse of early success 

16:04 - What you see versus what everyone else see's is completely different

17:00 - Why Shut Up and Fail is such an important podcast

17:32 - Woodie's creeping doubts with creating videos for YouTube

18:10 - How Jessy climbed out of his low times

19:10 - Playing email tag with Floyd Mayweather & Jessy jumping the gun

21:00 - 1 out of 50 samples getting approved

21:37 - How Jessy realized he was the root of the problem

22:45 - The aftermath of landing a celebrity client

23:30 - Woodie's mom hated his early YouTube videos

24:35 - Advice for those looking to get into a career of clothing design

25:40 - How Jessy see's his own career now

26:19 - Jessy's advice for Woodie's Journey

26:49 - Jessy's career in one word

27:27 - Jessy's contact information

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