Creative Directors Fail Too | Daniel Martinez


Creative director and branding consultant, Daniel Martinez, stops by the Shut Up and Fail studios to talk to us today about how his failures helped him pay off his car and grow his business. Daniel's relentless desire for growth pushed him to add some pretty big failures to his name early on in his startup career, but through making these mistakes he was able to recognize the importance of resilience and having a close knit circle of people to go to when things go awry. Lots of laughs, a few confessions from our host Woodie Landeros, and much more startup advice on this episode of Shut Up and Fail.

Shut Up and Fail - #002

Daniel Martinez, Creative Director


[1:08] - The job of a Creative Director

[4:28] - Daniel Martinez's favorite project

[8:30] - How to accept criticism with poise

[9:45] - Advice to simmer the "start-up" ego

[12:00] - Daniel Martinez's biggest failure

[15:30] - Ways to push past the fear of failure

[17:00] - Why applying yourself matters

[18:40] - When you're stuck, who do you call?

[20:43] - Steps for crawling out the pits of failure

[22:50] - Defining Woodie's Journey

[24:15] - A little advice from Tai Lopez

[25:00] - What you can tell about the way someone parks

[27:00] - DanielFreshBot's advice for starting a project

[28:00] - How to use "commander's intent"

[30:00] - Why the action grabs attention and not presentation

[31:00] - Why it's important to surround yourself with genuine people

[33:00] - Woodie Landeros opens up about feeling guilty for failing

[35:00] - Is Microsoft behind the 8-ball?

[36:15] - Daniel Martinez sheds light on aspiring Creative Directors

[37:00] - Daniel Martinez's advice for Woodie's Journey and Shut Up and Fail