How to Get Over Creative Block


3 ways to overcome creative block

1. Write it down

Writing things down will help you organize your ideas and reveal new perspectives. My trade secret is to keep a Moleskin notebook handy at all times because if you’re like me and are always coming up with new ideas about future businesses and art concepts then you MUST have a writing tool and a notebook at all times. Notice that I didn’t say have your phone ready to go with apple or google notes. I personally prefer writing down notes in a notebook because I can have multiple notebooks ready to go for designated purposes. For example: I have one for client notes, one for drawings, and one for new ideas.

Note: write down your name, Instagram, and email in the front page so that if anyone finds it in the event of you losing it they can bring it back to you.

Even though I have a preference of writing on paper over typing it doesn’t mater what tools you use to write things down on, just write it all down. When you’re coming up with things to write down be sure to become playful with your choices. Be sure to write down everything that you’re stressed about and then everything that you’re happy about towards this project. Once this step is complete, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief off of your shoulders and mind.

2. Step away

Step away and shake up your surroundings! Staying in the same environment can often times feel mundane and uninspiring. Now this doesn’t mean that your current working space is uninspiring or dull, it only means that your brain possibly needs a refresh button. The best way to find this inspiration for me is to step out of this space and go to places that you’ve never been to before. In my 20th vlog I felt the creative block rising up along with other anxieties to create something meaningful and creative. I stepped away from my computer and went out with my family to an event called “The Happy Place” in Los Angeles. Take note that I didn’t go to find inspiration, I just went to run away for a little bit and ended up finding so many inspiring things. I came back into my work space the day after and was thrilled to create my next project.

Note: This step isn’t here for you to go spend money or buy new furniture for your space, its here for you to step out and breath. A creative mind cannot flow when there is a clog of stress or doubt.


3. Don’t wait for inspiration

Do not procrastinate! Stalling a project because you are feeling uninspired can often lead to procrastination. After doing step one and two you should be ready to go. If at this point you’ve tried everything and don’t feel inspired then you should probably do what Nike preaches.

Just do it.

I know it can be very frustrating working on a project that you aren’t pumped up for but in order for you to grow as a creative you must get through this. My old business mentor used to say frustrations lead to breakthroughs. Use that fire from within and create something spectacular. Another thing that my business mentor used to say is that if you create a pattern of a mental block on a weekly basis or on a daily basis then you’ll start creating a habit of not completing your projects. Complete this project so that you can move on to the next one.


The Landeros Brothers Podcast

If you still have time on your hands and would like to hear an entire podcast about this subject, Click the link below to tune in. My brother Joseph Landeros and I spoke about the importance of fighting through creative blocks. With influences streaming from all forms of media, the modern artist may grow exhausted. However, these factors can lead to greater resurgences that advance the modern artist to high levels. Check it out and learn more about we think!

The Landeros Brothers - Creative Blocked

In this video I talk more in depth about these three steps and how they can help you in the event of a creative block. Wait until the end of the video - I made a fun highlight video of The Happy Place in Los Angeles.

Woodie Landeros