woodie landeros

After taking the leap to follow his passion in 2012, renaissance man, Woodie Landeros, takes center stage today as a professional Contemporary and Hip Hip dancer. In the early years of his career, Woodie studied the fine art of ballet throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona, but eventually discovered his niche back in 2014 when he jumped into a freestyle circle for the first time.  As a way to quench his never-ending thirst for dance, Woodie tours and performs with the all-male contemporary company, Points of View, led by renowned choreographer, Terry Shulke. Woodie’s intricate movements and body isolations landed him a principal spot in the company and prime teaching positions at studios throughout Southern California. Although the Contemp/Hip Hop sub-genre has always been his main pursuit, Woodie’s gained professional merit within Graphic Design, Apparel Design, and Photo/Videography, as well. As he approaches his 23rd birthday, Woodie not only plans to grow professionally by taking on more commercial dance opportunities, but also grow personally by teaching larger classes at studios filled with kids who have yet to discover the magic that dance has to offer.