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What is on brink?

OnBrink is an amalgamation of creative insight from industry leaders throughout the world. We host user-generated podcasts, blog articles, video content, photos, and other various graphics on topics surrounding creative professionals. Whether you're On the Brink of a new idea, or On the Brink of failure, we hope this community inspires you to push through the glass ceiling and keep on creating.


Taking action to inspire a community of creatives.

MEET the founder

Woodie Landeros is a 23 year old male artist based out of Southern California. He prides himself for his constant love and appreciation towards art and the skill to problem solve. Woodie is a dancer, vlogger, podcaster, filmmaker, graphic designer, photographer, and business owner. Woodie Landeros started a creative company that currently produces visual and audio content. He recently opened the flood gates and started offering services to companies. Woodie has a vision of building jobs for creatives so that they can do what they love for more than part time. Bellow we share more in depth about who Woodie Landeros is and what the next step for the creative company is.

I am a podcaster

I am a vlogger

I am a dancer



Throughout my career in Video Production, I've had the privilege of learning tips and tricks from some of the industry's most stellar creatives. I found myself constantly walking away from projects and collaborations with notebooks FULL of advice but never knew how to share the insights with fellow entrepreneurs who face the same creative struggles I did. On Brink was created as a way for me to open the gates for creatives to help creatives. All of the podcasts, articles, videos and photos you see posted to this community is a way for all of us to go back a few years and spill the secrets we all wish we knew when we were trying to figure out how to post our first podcast, or how to make our portfolio stand out. Whether you're just starting on your journey, or you're a seasoned professional, I hope On Brink helps you relate, connect, and grow from creatives around the world.

Yours truly,

Woodie Landeros

Founder & CEO